The Interplay Between Worlds

After reading through and completing the BMW survey, I found it quite interesting how I defined my worlds and the expectations and experiences within them. I described my worlds as “School”, “Home”, “Social”, “Work”, and “Personal”; however, after analyzing these worlds I became cognizant of the overlap which occurs in most of these. Because I now live at school, my home, or safe space, is now linked to my education. In addition, my social life revolves around the people I have met at UCSB and the friends back at my previous home. I find it interesting how there are no clear boundaries for any specific world and instead they more often than not tend to blend together. The expectations of others for me within these worlds also fuses. Both at school, home, and socially I am expected to be intelligent, respectful, and make smart decisions, qualities which I believe actually should be present in any world. This takes me to my expectations of myself and my “Personal” world, a world that is unique since it is not influenced by others. What I mean is that, in my personal world I set my own expectations about how I want to act and perform. These characteristics and desires may not be the same as in other worlds since they are not affected by what other people believe or social expectations and instead only altered by my own opinions. How I talk and present myself within these different worlds is also very different, but stems from desires in my personal world. In my personal world, a desire for myself is to fit in with others and make connections causes me to speak differently depending on the situation, or world, that I am in. At school, I tend to speak in a more intelligent manner to sound educated and well presented while socially I am more colloquial in my talk to fit in and not seem pretentious. Thus, the world I am in influences how my voice is presented, but all of these vocal affectations stem from personal desires in my own world. These personal appreciations and interests have also guided my search for a career. I am a Psychological and Brain Sciences major, and, although I do not know exactly what I want to do, I want a job where I can problem solve and help others. The activities I enjoy doing in my personal world have swayed that decision since I love to solve problems and think critically but I also have a fondness for aiding others. Therefore, I wish to find a job that satisfies these interests that I discovered in my personal world. The survey helped me dig deeper and visualize these aspects of my life and the worlds which they come from. 

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