Final Reflection (Section 10)

I believe that the first large assignment dealing with non-traditional and controversial voices was the most revelatory for my growth in the class as well as in the outside world. The assignment, above all other activities, challenged me to really take a deep dive into a topic I had never before considered and never really even noticed in the world around me. Listening to and observing the effects of voices that are not always noticeable in the traditional sense, or analyzing the effects of a controversial voice, is an activity I have never put much attention to. However, the first assignment allowed me to explore something that is present in my everyday life but not always noticeable. This was quite interesting to observe and analyze for the project but has changed the way I view and listen to the things occurring around me. Working through this project gave me a new perspective to carry with me through the rest of my life as a diverse, unique way to approach the voices around me that I do not always pay attention to. It allowed me to grow in an analytic sense but also contributed to my growth and development as a listener, which is why the first assignment was the most helpful and memorable to me.

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