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Voice as Culture

In my definition, “Voice as Culture” is the process of harnessing orality in order to transmit cultural identity and customs. Voices are utilized to convey one’s culture to subsequent generations to instruct customs and to broadcast specific traits to other cultures with the means of exposing them to new paradigms. For my piece I have the recipe of the Italian fish stew, cioppino, which is represented by the pictures I included above. I utilized pictures as symbols since the recipe is part of my spoken Italian heritage and cannot be put on paper. Cioppino was first introduced to my family through my first-generation great grandparents who lived in North Beach, the Italian district in San Francisco. The recipe was shared between most at the time, with my family adopting it orally and incorporating it into our family’s culture. From the initial acceptance of the recipe, it has been passed down to successive generations in my family. This oral passing of Italian tradition exemplifies “Voice as Culture” within my experience because my family has applied speech in order to transmit an integral part of our culture through generations. As a result of this oral culture bestowed to me, I am able to prepare a staple food in my culture that has been passed down from my great grandparents. 

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