Comedians: Masters of Voice

Voice is a commodity all humans possess. Whether strictly vocal or physically expressive, we communicate emotions, ideas, and individuality to others through our voices. Broadcasting unique experiences through orality is a tool mastered by comedians in the perfection of their craft. Comedians rely on their voice as material insofar as voices become a means of relating personal ideas and experiences with an audience in a humorous fashion. Therefore, comedians are masters of voice, utilizing their vocality in order to entertain and instruct. 

Comedians require a distinctive, refined voice in order to command their audience. The reception and outcome of a joke is dependent on its delivery, meaning that vocality is extremely important to comedians. During routines, comedians must employ intonation, timbre, enunciation, punctuation, and many other vocal skills in order to deliver a joke. Vocal timbre can be used to set emotion or intensity, punctuation can be used to stress specific words, and unique intonation can be used to add flare and individuality. In combination, these vocal strategies can determine whether or not a joke receives a laugh. A comedian’s mastery of their vocal elements is essential to establishing personal style and entertaining an audience. 

Comedians require proficiency in the physical traits of voice; however, their influence and ability to entertain is also the result of the storying power of voice. Comedians apply humor to their own experiences and then relate them to an audience, exemplifying the power of storying. The process of personal storytelling is an intimate event, thereby drawing in an audience and connecting them with the comedian. Voice is therefore essential for comedians to accomplish their main goal of establishing a relationship with their audience. Hence, a comedian’s voice is a vessel for material used to entertain, connect, and inform listeners. 

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