Assignment 2 Reflection

What advantages or gains can I identify from working out this project with another individual(s)

I believe the biggest benefit of experiencing this project with another individual is the extra, unique perspective available throughout the process. Everyone has their own singular way of viewing the project and problem solving which they typically do not stray away from. Therefore, I found it quite beneficial to gain the perspective of a peer because it allowed me to recognize and understand things that I would not have comprehended if it were just I searching for voices. My partner was able to show me non-traditional voices that I initially failed to uncover and vice versa. In addition, once we discovered all the voices that we could, my partner offered a unique means of interpreting the voices and relating them to the context of the project. For example, she touched on the disparities between traditional and non-traditional voices depending on the time which we visited the beach and how these disparities could influence the course of our writing. Thus, I found it extremely useful to work on this project with another individual since I was able to incorporate their viewpoints into my own understanding and analysis. 

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