About Me

Hi, it’s Patrick Nolan and I am a first-year student at UCSB majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences. I love discovering new music and hiking or going to the beach in my free time. I spend countless hours with my dogs and miss them a lot already. I have developed a very good work ethic which helped me excel in high school. Therefore, I would say my determination and memory are two of my greatest strengths in an academic setting. At UCSB, I hope to take courses that branch out from the very linear scope of high school and teach me things I otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn about. Topics that interest me include the relationship between the body and mind (hence my major), exercise science, space, and much more. In my first year at UCSB I wish to garner knowledge about these topics as well as gain a more complete picture of myself. I hope through hard work and many great new opportunities at UCSB I will be able to attain these goals.